Focus52 Week 5; Theme: Framed

Week 5 of a new challenge I’ve undertaken on my Flickr site.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate you, inspire, give you reason to go shoot, this is just one example.

Join an on-line group, create a project for yourself, find something that will motivate you and/or stir up your creative juices.

Look at other peoples projects. Do they have a theme that you can relate too? Is there one that has a challenge that you’d like to attempt?

Projects can be short, as in something you’ll complete today. They can be one new photo every day for 365 days. Or, they can be submitting one new photo a week for 52 weeks as I’m doing in this Focus52 group.

The trick is, to find something and get started. I know, that sounds odd coming from someone like me. Someone that’s never known what the word Focus means. But, I’m trying it and so can you.

Join Flickr for starters. It’s Free to have up to 200 photos and 3 sets. You can always delete photos as you start to max out or, you could join for $24/year and keep adding all you want.

Then, start a project, a theme, a challenge, something new to learn, something new to show someone else. Post your images on your Flickr site and let the world know.

You don’t have to be shy about having shots that don’t look professional – That’s not what it’s about! It’s about having fun and learning. Even the best professionals out there started as an amateur too.

So… Get started.

About masterofmadness

Semi-pro photographer & musician. Co-own a photo gallery with a digital photo-lab in a small tourist town, on an island in the Pacific NW of USA. I also teach and ongoing series of workshops in photography, Photoshop and Apple computers. I shoot mostly landscapes, in the mountains - Giving me a great excuse to go climb them. I also do a lot of fine art, macros and abstracts.
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