Well, here’s a quick “About Me”, taken from my first WordPress blog – Am I just another blogger, another photographer, another Photoshopper and another guy named Tony?

Maybe, I don’t know (nor do you). I’ll admit that I am new to blogging in general, still on a quest to see what all this blogging stuff is all about. I’m not new to all the other descriptors above though, especially being a Tony.

I am well known in my own little universe for my skills and knowledge in many odd areas, from electronic design, to music, to yes, photography and Photoshop, with a lot of oddities in between. I also like to write & teach, as a way to get a lot of this crap that’s in my head out, and to hopefully educate and entertain others in the process.

My background – I’ve been a self-employed/multi biz-owner for over 25 years. My previous company, I was an electronics consultant/engineer in the commercial and professional audio/video & pro-music world – Think large sound systems and video displays in places like concert venues, churches, auditoriums, corporate boardrooms, recording studios, museums and military command centers. Need one designed and built – The difficult I can do right away, the impossible may take a little longer, but I’ll make it happen. Either way, I’m the go-to guy.

Today, I’m also a semi-pro photographer that co-owned a photo gallery and digital photo lab, which, thanks to these economic times, is now closed. We’re running most of the digital printing services out of our home today. I shoot mostly landscapes in the mountains – Which gives me a chance to go out and climb them. I also shot a lot of macro, abstracts and fine art.

I also lead a series of photography and Photoshop/Lightroom workshops, along with Apple computer classes. I’ll start adding Aperture classes soon. Being in the Pacific NW and Washington state, allows for a very diverse range of locations from the ocean to rain forests to the mountains.

I think that’s enough jabbering for now. Now it’s time to figure out how to lay out the rest of this site.

Thanks for reading this so far, hopefully my future post won’t be as long,

Tony aka Master of Madness.


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